Here are a couple of projects I completed with help from Udemy, Codecademy Pro, Team Treehouse, Stackoverflow, and Google.

In-progress Learning and Projects

Currently learning React and Python. Creating a sports agency and music player website

Project Gallery


Proficent in the following lanaguages:


Experienced in semantic markup, creating tables, navbars, list, forms, structuring paragraphs, same page and exterior page links. Able to connect images, video, and audio media. Knowledgeable about various class and id atttibutes. Excellent with text styling and embeding maps.


Experienced with id and class selectors. Able to create grid layouts and manipulate with flex-box and box-model elements. Great with adding colors, svg graphics, element transitions, hovering and zoom in effects, overlays, animations, and importing font depencies(i.e. google fonts).


Experienced with coding logic to power carousels, mathetical calulations, extract information with api's, and track time. Experienced with the DOM, functions, variables, events handlers, arrays, loops, objects, methods, asynchronous programming, and if statements.


Experienced with manipulating DOM elements, class and id selectors to acheive dynamic bevhavior while using less code. Experienced with effects and animations, such as: drag and drop, click and toggle button events, hide and show, slide up and down, and fade in and out.


Experienced in building a variety of responsive webpages with customized components such as: navbars, buttons, breadcrumbs, cards, forms, dropdown menus, jumbotrons, paginations, and carousels. Experienced in utlizing containers and grid techniques to style layouts.

React - Learning in Progress

Learning how to build functional and class based components. Learning how to manage state, and utlize props to share data between eachother. Learning JSX syntax, constructors, and common react methods, such as: filer(), map(), forEach(), and reduce().



Here are a couple of my core values




Elias K. Salem

Web Developer

3+ years of web development training

Built over 10 projects using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap.

Excited to learn new web technologies and apply to new websites